Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Actor's Reel and Why It's MORE Than Paramount

Ok, so, you haven't saved enough money to pay someone to put your reel together....nor have you auditioned for any student films...why??!!

Folks, one of the BEST things you can do for yourself (besides securing GREAT headshots) is to get an Acting Reel together.  If you are not concerned with, nor obsessed with having a great reel, you may find yourself eating the dust of the other actors around you!

I can't stress enough how important your reel is in landing you roles. Are you SERIOUS about acting? If you aren't, then maybe it's time to take another look at some other career options? If you are, then I wish the following for you:

A. Get your reel done!
B. Do More Student/Indie Films and Keep it updated and fresh!
C. Get it up on Actors Access and LA Casting!

Here's how to get it up on the submission sites!

Actors Access

A Performance Video is your online demo reel. It can be anything from episodic TV and features to hosting, commercials, and stand-up, even monologues. We upload your demo reel, then you or your representation select the appropriate clips whenever you submit to a casting director.
We can upload your demo reel either as one Performance Video or as separate clips, so you can customize your submission to fit the role and project.
Service   Price What You Get
Each Minute   $22.00    One or more clips


What do I need to bring with me?
Bring your 1/2" tape, DVD, mini-dvd, or mp3 audio file to our main locations in Los Angeles or New York or to one of our actor centers. For street addresses, call Breakdown Services at either 310-276-9166 (Los Angeles) or 212-869-2003 (New York). Do not compress your media file before bringing it in. We will take care of compressing your video using a professional compression algorithm. If you bring a tape, please be sure to have the tape cued-up to where you want us to start your Performance Video.
Can I send you a tape instead?
Mail tape or dvd directly to Breakdown Services, 2140 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025, or 575 8th Avenue Suite 1720, New York, NY 10018. (be sure to include a phone number so that we can set up a credit card payment). You can send your video or audio demo reel by email using services such as Please use this email only:
Click here to add media (after your logged in).

Here's some more great info on Reels!! READ THESE!!
What Should Be on Your Demo Reel?
Seven Actor Demo Reel Tips

Personally, I don't believe in paying anyone to CREATE a reel for you. I think that the experience on student film sets is priceless, along with the fact you don't know WHO the next big director will be and who knows, it could be one of the student directors you will/have worked with. My favorite student films over the years have always come from Chapman and USC, hands down. I encourage you to check out their film programs and keep submitting to EVERYTHING you fit. If your auditions shine, you should PROBABLY be landing 5 out of every 10 auditions for something. Personally, I don't take non-speaking roles unless it's a GOOD cameo guarantee with face time or it's a chance to work with any award winner-you WANT them to know who you are.

Remember, Auditions ARE your work, they are a chance to entertain folks that will remember you for other roles. Believe me when I say, your work IS your auditions! A role is the icing on your audition cake, which is made from the flour, sugar and eggs of all the waiting rooms, the getting lost, the sweat and the tears....the list goes on.

It's a long and tough road to the top and to get to where you are making a LIVING at Acting. You must keep strong and keep moving and keep working, at all costs! Don't let ANYONE ask you - "Why do you keep doing all this free work?" It's insulting to your professionalism and drive and spirit that makes you a fantastic actor! And believe me, it's never "FREE" work. Reel content is worth about $500 a shoot to you! Don't EVER feed into that stuff-you never do FREE work, that's preposterous!  Get away from the negative people, you CAN and WILL do it! Only YOU know what it takes to get where you want to be, don't let anyone stop you, ever!  Keep around other Positive Actors that "get it!" We all can refer each other for roles we fit and we should all be actively doing that. There are no two actors alike, what comes around goes around. I know, it's so cliche, but it's true.

So, STAY POSITIVE, stay focused and remember, the reel is REAL WORK!!

Now go get em'!

Norma Jean

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